Grand Teton and the snake river in Wyoming

What to Wear on a Snake River Float Trip

If you’re planning a Grand Teton scenic float trip, you may be wondering what you need to do to prepare. Should you expect to get wet? Is it okay to bring a camera? Do you need a life jacket? And then there’s the most common question of all: what to wear on a float trip. If you’ve been wondering about any of these topics, we’ve got the answers you need below.

Dressing for a Snake River Float Trip

First, let’s clear one thing up: you won’t get wet on a scenic float trip. This isn’t a whitewater rafting trip or tubing—you’ll be in the raft the whole time and on calm waters, so there’s no splashing involved.

It’s best to wear casual clothes for a float trip—clothes that are comfortable for outdoor adventures. No wetsuits or swimsuits are needed! Simply wear the same type of clothes you’d be wearing on any other day of your Jackson Hole vacation. When it comes to shoes, stick to ones with soft soles, like tennis shoes. Again, keep comfort in mind and choose shoes that would not damage our rafts.  

Even in the summer, it can be chilly on the Snake River, particularly in the morning and at dusk. You may want to dress in layers, especially on days that are a bit breezy.  If you’re comfortable in what you are wearing, take one more layer. It’s usually cooler on the river than on trails.. In spring and fall, bring a warm sweater or jacket with you. 

Other Things to Wear on a Float Trip

Now that we’ve addressed the clothes, there are a few other things you’ll want to wear on your Grand Teton scenic float trip: namely, sunglasses and sunscreen.

Out on the river, there’s very little protection from the sun. Even on an overcast day, you can get sunburn after a few hours on a raft. Make sure you apply sunscreen right before your float trip; you may also want to bring a bottle or tube with you for reapplication. Sunglasses are also a must—you don’t want to spend your entire float trip squinting in the sun.

Although technically they are not things that you wear, you may also want to bring binoculars or a camera. Because float trips take place on calm waters, without rapids and splashing, you don’t have to worry about your binoculars or camera getting wet—unless you’re not careful and drop them into the river, of course! We’re not responsible for any damaged equipment.

What You Don’t Need to Bring on Your Grand Teton Float Trip

We provide all of our guests with personal flotation devices, so you won’t need to bring your own. We also have rain ponchos on each raft in the event of sudden showers, so even if rain is in the forecast, you won’t need to bring your own raincoat or umbrella. 

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