Grand Teton and Snake River in Wyoming

How Long Is a Snake River Float Trip?

When you’re in Jackson Hole in spring, summer, or fall, a Snake River float trip is a fantastic way to experience the natural beauty and wildlife of the area. Of course, planning a vacation can be a lot like playing Tetris—which activities fit where? If you’re spending four hours hiking, what’s another activity that will take two hours before dinner? Knowing how much time to allot for all of your planned activities is important.

How long is a float trip on the Snake River?

Solitude Float Trips is the #1 rated tour in Grand Teton National Park by TripAdvisor! While we can’t speak for how long other Snake River float trips last, we can provide you the details you need on ours. We float on the Snake River on a section protected by the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act.  The number of guests permitted on this section each day is limited, and Solitude Float Trips is privileged to offer this trip.  As a scenic float trip operator that offers river trips completely within the boundaries of Grand Teton National Park, we give you the best possible views from the water. The length of time of a scenic float trip can vary depending on the time of year and the flow of the river, but this variation isn’t significant. When the current is swifter—in the spring as the snow melts or after rainfall—your Snake River float trip time on the water can be expected to last about an hour and 45 minutes. During times when water levels are lower and the current is slower, a float trip will take about two hours.

How long should I allow for a float trip if I include transportation?

The time you spend on the river isn’t all the time you should account for when planning your day. When you arrive for your float trip, you won’t be driving directly to the launch site; instead, we will meet you at a meeting spot in either the town of Jackson or Moose. Your Solitude Float Trips river guide will meet you at this location and drive you and your group to the launch site on the Snake River.

In addition to the transportation time, there’s also time spent on safety briefings and restroom use. When all of these factors are accounted for and added to the scenic float trip time, your total time spent with us will be about two and a half hours for guests who meet us in Moose and three to three and a half hours for guests who meet us in the town of Jackson.

What time should we arrive for our float trip?

We ask that all guests arrive at the float trip parking area in their designated meeting spot five to 10 minutes before their scheduled trip time. You should be out of your car and ready to go so we can leave quickly. If you’re running late, call our office and let us know, but do be aware that because you will be sharing a scenic float with others, we cannot always wait for you to arrive.

Learn More About Snake River Float Trips

Do you have other questions about our Snake River Float Trips? We are happy to answer them! Contact us today at 307-733-2871 to learn more or book your Grand Teton float trip on our website. We can’t wait to see you out here in beautiful Jackson Hole!