What Exactly is a Scenic Float?

You may not have heard of a scenic float trip until you started planning your vacation to Jackson Hole. After seeing the term thrown around dozens of times, you might be left to wonder, “What is a scenic float trip? Is it the same as tubing down the river? Is it another name for whitewater rafting?” Wrong and wrong! 

A scenic float trip is a completely unique experience, although if you combined tubing and whitewater rafting, you’d be getting pretty close. Like tubing, scenic floats are more leisurely paced, but like whitewater rafting, they take place on a large raft—and unlike either, you won’t get wet at all! Here’s what you can expect from a Grand Teton scenic float trip.

What Happens on a Scenic Float Trip?

Scenic float trips are exactly what the name describes—they’re an opportunity to float down a river and enjoy the scenery. In our case, the river in question is the Snake River, which flows through the beautiful Grand Teton National Park. 

Solitude Float Trips are entirely inside Grand Teton National Park boundaries and as you can imagine, there’s really no better way to enjoy its majestic scenery. Jackson Hole vacations are usually jam-packed with activities, but a scenic float trip gives you a nice opportunity to rest your feet, relax, and take in the stunning views this magical location provides.

Not only will you see pristine forests and mountain peaks, you’ll also have the opportunity to get the best views of Grand Teton National Park wildlife. If you’ve been wanting to see moose, eagles, bears, and bison, you might be lucky enough to spot them all—and more!—on your Snake River float trip.

Your float trip guide will share stories and facts about Jackson Hole and the Grand Tetons as you float downriver. Bring your camera to capture the scenery.

How Is a Scenic Float Trip Different From Whitewater Rafting?

Of course, whitewater rafting is also a fun way to spend a day on the Snake River, but the experience couldn’t be more different. Whitewater rafting is ideal for adrenalin junkies and folks who don’t mind getting wet. In contrast, a scenic float is about relaxing and taking things at a slower pace—and again, you won’t get wet at all.

During a whitewater rafting expedition, you’re likely to be focused on the river, not the scenery surrounding it or wildlife on the banks. It’s quite a different experience, but if you love being on the water, you might just want to try them both while you’re on vacation in Jackson Hole.

Learn More About Solitude Scenic Float Trips

Solitude Float Trips offers scenic floats down the Snake River from mid-May through the end of September, with several different departure points within Grand Teton National Park. If you’d like to learn more about our Jackson Hole float trips, give us a call at 307-733-2871, contact us via our website, or book your trip online today.