Tourists exploring the Snake River in a raft

What to Expect During Your First Snake River Float Trip

There’s a lot to do in Jackson Hole in the summertime, but no vacation to the area would be complete without a scenic float trip on the Snake River. If you’ve never been on a float trip before, you’re in for a fun adventure and beautiful scenery, to boot. Here’s what you can expect during your first Snake River float trip in Jackson Hole.

Don’t Expect Whitewater Rafting

First, let’s talk about what not to expect! Many people think that float trips are simply another term used for whitewater rafting, but that isn’t the case at all. While both involve rafting on the Snake River, a float trip traverses a calmer portion of the river where there are no rapids, which means you’re not going to get wet (unless it rains!). Float trips are ideal for families, photographers, wildlife enthusiasts, and anyone who wants a chance to really take in the scenery of Grand Teton National Park.

Be Prepared for the Weather

Weather in Jackson Hole can be quite unpredictable, but we’ve got you covered in the event of rain—we provide all of our guests with rain ponchos if needed. We ask that you bring a jacket or sweater if it’s chilly out and bring sunglasses and sunscreen. It’s not unusual for a rainy morning to turn into a hot, sunny afternoon, so it’s important to be ready for anything. Wearing layers is a good idea if you’re visiting us in the spring or fall.

We’ll Drive You to the Launch Site

Another common misconception guests have about our Snake River float trip is that they will drive their cars to the launch site. Because our river trip is located 100% in Grand Teton National Park, that’s just not practical. Instead, we meet you at a designated meeting spot, then one of our vans will take you to the launch site. Our launch site is 10 miles north of Grand Teton National Park Headquarter buildings. We pick you up in Moose, then shuttle you to the launch and float you back to the area where we initially picked you up.

Expect Stunning Scenery

It’s called a scenic float trip for a reason! The views from the raft are nothing short of magical. You’ll be able to see stunning vistas and Grand Teton National Park’s famed wildlife. We recommend you bring a pair of binoculars and/or your camera so you don’t miss anything.

Schedule a Block of Time for Your Trip

When planning your activities for the day, you should schedule a full morning or afternoon for a Snake River float trip. The trip itself usually ranges from 1 hour and 45 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the time of year and river flow. Then, you’ll also need to add time for the pick-up and drop-off to the launch site. Count on 2.5 to 3 hours total for your entire trip.

Learn More About Snake River Float Trips

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