A sunset over the Grand Teton mountains with a rustic fence and open field in the foreground.

Can You Visit Jackson Hole, WY During Your Grand Teton Trip?

If you’re going to be checking out Grand Teton, make sure you plan it out such that you visit Jackson Hole, WY, during your trip! The Grand Teton Scenic Floats experts know how to make sure you get the most out of your vacation. Getting the most out of your vacation will involve hitting up Jackson Hole and Grand Teton. The Grand Teton National Park has over 300,000 untouched natural acreage. Rich with wildlife, fauna, and flora, Grand Teton is one of the country’s most famous national parks. Jackson Hole was the country’s best-kept tourist secret for decades. Now, hundreds of thousands of annual visitors come to be one with nature and enjoy world-class hikes, ATV tours, horseback riding, and more. They’re only 7 miles apart, so you’d be doing your family, friends, or group a disservice by not making sure you hit up the beautiful national park and the most unique and welcoming town in the United States.

How to Visit Both in One Day?

Even for locals and people who aren’t visiting the area on vacation, we make it easy for you to be able to see both Jackson Hole via the Snake River and Grand Teton National Park. There are now two different departure points to allow for water trip exposure to both must-see attractions. The new additional departures meet in the town of Jackson at the Snow King Sports and Event Center Parking lot while we continue to offer our standard trips from Moose near Grand Teton National Park Headquarters! All our 10-mile float trips begin at Deadman’s Bar, just below the scenic Snake River Overlook.

What Sets Solitude Float Trips Apart?

There are undoubtedly other float trip providers in the area, but Solitude is recognized and authorized by the National Park Service to float 100% inside Grand Teton National Park. Other providers will say they can offer you the Grand Teton experience, but how can you really get that experience without floating inside the park?! Congress added the Snake River Headwaters to the National Wild and Scenic River System in 2009. We are proud to offer float trips on the only stretch of the Snake River to receive the specific “scenic” designation. On our floats, a knowledgeable guide not only navigates the waters but offers education on the history, geology, and local lore of both Jackson Hole and Grand Teton National Park. They’ll point out wildlife along the river banks and show you the most impressive peaks of the Teton Range.

Get Signed Up ASAP – Limited Availability

The new trips allowing for both Grand Teton and Jackson Hole access are a hot commodity. With limited spacing, time slots, and availability, ensure you get your reservation ahead of time. Use the Solitude Float Trips online booking system to plan your water float adventure as soon as possible. If you have questions, feel free to reach out via the contact form or call 307-733-2871 after reviewing the FAQ page we’ve made for all of our future guests.