Best Places to Stay Near Grand Teton National Park

If you’re looking to be one with nature and get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, then visiting Grand Teton National Park is the place to be. This Wyoming state park, not to be confused with Yellowstone, is described exactly how it’s named, as it sits upon the Teton mountain range in the valley known as Jackson Hole. A popular summer destination, you can do a lot of adventurous activities such as mountaineering, hiking, backcountry camping, scenic float trips, and fishing. As exciting as it seems, it may be hard to figure out where to stay around the area (after all, you are in the middle of the woods). We’ve got you covered if you don’t know where to look. We’ve compiled a list of places to stay near Grand Teton National Park to make your trip more memorable.

Although there may be plenty of places to stay, if you’re looking to stay within (or even near) the park, it’s important to note that you should book well in advance. However, here are some of the top places within the park worth staying at:

Any of the Log Cabins in Colter Bay Village

Colter Bay Village is a developed neighborhood full of awesome log cabins out skirting Jackson Lake, the largest lake in Grand Teton National Park. To sway you even more, Jackson Lake has sweeping views of the Teton Range, giving you a breathtaking background. 

Each cabin is great for couples’ travels or families and boasts many activities, including kayaking on the lake, hiking, and horseback riding. 

Jenny Lake Lodge

Just to prepare you even further, many places to stay in Grand Teton National Park will consist of lodges, which helps keep the tone of nature and being out in the wilderness. 

This lodge, in particular, is a luxurious hotel within the park, made up of unique rustic wooden houses at the foot of the Teton Mountains. Although secluded, this lodge is the starting point of many hiking trails. If you don’t feel like hiking, you can always bike on the nearby bike path, go horseback riding, or even visit the glacial lakes in the surrounding area. They’re called Jenny Lake, Leigh Lake, and String Lake.

Jackson Lake Lodge 

When you think of visiting Grand Teton National Park, most people immediately hear about Jackson Lake Lodge. This popular site lets you enjoy gorgeous views of Teton Mountain Range and Jackson Lake. They offer plenty of amenities, such as three restaurants and a swimming pool. 

Even if you aren’t staying there, the views and restaurants alone are worth visiting! 

Headwaters Lodge & Cabins at Flagg Ranch

If you want to go completely off-grid, this might be the place for you. This place to stay gives you no WiFi or cell service, so you are completely enthralled in nature, and it consists of wooden houses placed on the outside of the Snake River. And because it’s so secluded, you may be able to see more bears, moose, and bison. 

Furthermore, this is an excellent option for a stay just outside Grand Teton National Park because it’s also between Yellowstone National Park. It is perfect if you’re trying to visit both parks during your stay.

Rustic Inn Creekside

If you want luxury living, look no further than Rustic Inn Creekside. It’s just outside Grand Teton National park and offers the whole package, including a buffet breakfast, a jacuzzi, a fitness center, pool, and spa. 

Not only that, but you can also stay in either luxury suites or even a log cabin with a fireplace. 

Antler Inn

If you’re looking for a more affordable place to stay on your trip, look no further than the Antler Inn. This traditional log cabin inn makes you feel like you’re camping out, but with the added bonus of comfort. 

They also include a whirlpool, gym, free WiFi, desk, fridge, coffee maker, and cable TV, making it an affordable yet recommended place to stay when visiting Grand Teton National Park. 

The Lexington at Jackson Hole

Looking to live apartment-style as opposed to all the lodges we’ve recommended? The Lexington is the place to go!

Perfect for a family looking t visit the park, this place to stay is near downtown Jackson but en route to Grand Teton National Park. It’s great for those looking to see the park for the day but want other things to do on their trip. 

These apartments consist of living rooms, kitchens, WiFi, a buffet breakfast, and even an indoor pool…almost like you’re living in an apartment complex!

The Best Activity to Do At Grand Teton National Park

The best part about being at Grand Teton National Park is the endless list of outdoor activities. While you can explore lots, there’s one unique adventure worth trying, and it’s all on the water!

Our Grand Teton National Park float trips offer scenic rides along the Snake River. Our small river company provides a very personal experience, working closely with each guest. Plus, it’s not only a fun trip but an educational one too.

Each trip we offer includes information about Grand Teton National Park and the wildlife and geology in Jackson Hole. We also want to hear what you’re interested in, as we love to help you learn more about whatever it may be! Just take a look at our schedule and find the best time for you!

No matter which of these hotels you choose to stay at, you’ll be a short distance to our location, so come and explore Grand Teton National Park in ways you’ve never thought you could!